Town 37 Practical Gifts Your Recipient Will Actually Make Use Of - August 21, 2023
Ladies, this one's for you... There's nothing more ugh-worthy than not having a place to put your purse while dining out or driving, amiright? Enter: This convenient as heck hook that grips to edges, ledges, rails, and openings for holding your bag. Genius. Clipa is #2 in this list.

Enews" 20 Practical Gifts That People Will Actually Want To Receive for the Holidays- December 1, 2022
No one wants a Christmas or Hanukkah gift that collects dust in the back of a closet. Give your loved ones useful gifts they'll truly appreciate. Clipa is #7 in this list

Bustle" Genius, Problem-Solving Clothing That's Insanely Popular On Amazon - October 2, 2022
You close the stall to a public bathroom only to discover there’s no hook for your bag. Instead of doing acrobatics, use this ingenious bag hanger.."

Today From backpacks to grocery bags, this hanging clip keeps all my items off the floor - August 18, 2022
No hooks? No problem."

purseforum" Anyone use clipa bag hangers with their chanels? - April 19, 2022
I just bought one of these on a whim as I was tired of setting my bags on restaurant tables or hanging off the chair."

Today 21 problem-solving Amazon finds you didn't know you needed - February 7, 2022
They're so useful, you’ll wonder how you survived without them."

Beverly The Lux List - 2022 Style Saviors
Page 22 "The Luxe List - 2022 Style Saviors with Clipa"

Savvy Valentine’s Gifts 2022: 12 Gifts To Show Your Love For Under $20- January 2022
#5 on the list "Here’s a nifty accessory most women never heard of, yet it’s #1 rated on Amazon with almost 10,000 review"

#11 on the list "The Clipa is a stylish way to keep your bag from ever touching the floor. This has saved me so many times on trips abroad."

2021 Savvy Living TV Show November 2021
"Savvy Living is a fun and fast-paced half-hour lifestyle TV show hosted by lauded lifestyle, travel and consumer trends expert Merilee Kern. It airs nationally in syndication, and also on select weekends on the CBS owned/operated KCAL9 Los Angeles ."

Narcity 2021 Gift Guide - 28 Practical Gift Ideas That Are Actually Useful & Won't End Up In The Back Of A Storage Closet
#9 on the list "Without a doubt, Clipa is an item you may not think you need, but you do! As the weather gets colder, you will be carrying a bag to hold all your things. Even going grocery shopping with your little ones, you will not want to hold any bags walking to various stores, and pushing a cart or stroller"

Halloween Halloween Guide 2021
#10 on the list "This sturdy clip will hang on pretty much any surface and keep their purse off dirty public floors. Because of the flat angle and design of the clip, they'll even be able to balance purses up to 15 kilograms on flat surfaces like a table."

The "The Clipa Bag Hanger – A Must-Have Accessory For A Germ-Free Summer - May 2021"

Scrubs Scrubs Mag 2020 Holiday Gift Guide - December 2020
The Clipa 2 is a bracelet that automatically opens into a bag hanger: it extends bag life while preventing contact with viruses, bacteria, germs,..."

Mandee Holiday Gift Guide -December 2020
With everything going on in the world right now we have all been more cautious about things. We find ourselves sanitizing our hands more often, washing surfaces down, and many people are wearing masks when out in public. One thing that I have started to think about a little more during this time is the cleanliness of things like my handbag."

Seadbeady's Holiday Gift Guide - Travel Gifts and Book Gifts and Staples - 20 items maximum $50 - December 2020
The Clipa 2 is a bracelet that automatically opens into a bag hanger: it extends bag life while preventing contact with viruses, bacteria, germs, water, and dirt Simply open either end of this sleek, elegant ring and instantly hold up to 33 lbs in just a half an inch of space from just about any vertical or horizontal space."

Purse Essentials for Everyday Handbags! {Keep Your Bags off the Floor with a Clipa Bag Hanger!} Purse Essentials for Everyday Handbags! {Keep Your Bags off the Floor with a Clipa Bag Hanger!} - November 2020
Purses and Handbags Affordable Trick to Keep Them Clean! Never place your bag on a dirty floor again! The Clipa is a must-have sleek, modern handbag hanger that works in seconds! Just open it up…"

2020 Teens and Adults Holiday Gift Guide 2020 Teens and Adults Holiday Gift Guide - November 2020
Welcome to our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. This particular guide is going to focus on gifts that are perfect for teens and adults. A huge thank you to all our sponsors! ."

Spread the Christmas Cheer Holiday Gift Guide 2020 Gifts for Her Spread the Christmas Cheer Holiday Gift Guide 2020 Gifts for Her November 2020
The Clipa 2 is a bracelet that automatically opens into a bag hanger: it extends bag life while preventing contact with viruses, bacteria, germs, water, and dirt ."

Solo travel but never alone 80+ Amazon travel gifts for her in 2020 - October 2020
Looking for a great travel gift for the women in your life? Or maybe you don’t know what to ask Santa this year? In this extensive list of gift ideas for women you will sure find many useful, innovative and wanderlust-inspiring gift ideas, the problem will be to pick just one! ."

Shea Whitney 19 Incredibly Useful Things To Always Keep In Your Handbag! October 2020
"In this video, I share my what’s in my bag and all of my handbag essentials & favorites! These are very unique and useful handbag items!! What do you keep in your bag? ."

Slashed Beauty 5 Affordable Amazon Handbag Accessories October 2020
"I've recently discovered a bunch of affordable Amazon handbag accessories that are perfect for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, my summer bag! However, you can actually use several of these on any purse you may have! These handbag accessories help make my bag more useful, more....."

Park Ranger John BEST CAMPING GIFT IDEAS August 2020
"Do you ever wish you could hang something off of your picnic table, tent, or in your campsite? The Clipa is the perfect easy to carry hook that helps keep things off of the ground and within reach.We have been using the Clipa to hold our masks in the car, hang things in hotels."

The Discoverer Blog Keep your bag off the floor with the clever Clipa2 May 2020
"Public spaces like airports, grocery stores, and restaurants rarely have a good place to set down your bag, and if they do, it's probably not very clean. But with a Clipa2 bag hanger, you'll be able to hang your bag or coat off of any table or chair, instead of putting it on the dirty floor.

Bustle 50 Genius Products That Have Inspired Thousands Of Perfect Amazon Reviews January 2020
"As you probably know, it can be extremely overwhelming to sift through the sea of new products that hit the virtual market every week. And with so many marketing ploys promising the next "must-have" item, it can become almost impossible to separate quality from fluff. I'm here to tell you that you don't need to worry anymore. Why? Because the truth always — and I mean always — reveals itself in the product reviews. Thankfully, there are tons of genius Amazon products that have inspired thousands of them.

Whisky+Sunshine 35 Mother's Day Gift Ideas April 2020
"Shopping for Hallmark holidays is often boring and/or overwhelming. No one wants flowers (again). We've curated a list of 35 Mother's Day Gift Ideas that are different than the typical gifts you'll find on most lists.

Gimmie Reviews! Holiday Gift Guide | My Top Favorite Gift Ideas December 2019
"Clipa: The Instant Bag Hanger is a perfect gift for anyone on your list!"
Welcome to our top gift choices for Holiday gift giving! Looking for TOP Toys, best stocking stuffers, gifts for men, women, children and pets?

Schimiggy reviews Schimiggy - The Boss Babe Holiday Gift Guide December 2019
"The Clipa is a handy hook that can be deployed to keep your belongings from ever touching the ground. The worse thing that can happen to a boss babe is losing your bag or staining it.."
Fitness|Fashion|Food|Travel Some very cool gift ideas to add to your lists

Bullocks Buzz Bullocks Buzz Holiday Gift Guide December 2019
"Clipa – protect your bag from germs, dirt and more with this innovative sleek and elegant ring that can instantly hold up to 33 lbs in a mere half an inch of space! Available in 7 stylish finishes."
Find Gifts for Everyone on Your List

westman reviews Westman Reviews October 2019
"With Clipa you'll always have a place to put your purse!."
A great review blog covering our Clipa bag hanger

women on the road Women on the Road Blog
"2020's Perfect Travel Gifts for Women - for under $30"
Clipa purse hook is listed a safety item in this list of excellent travel items

giftbee Giftbee blog October 2019
"8 Meaningful Gifts That Make Perfect Companions On A Mission Trip"
Number 8 on the list is the Clipa bag hanger

Elite daily Elite Daily Agust 2019
"39 Reliable Products Under-$40 On Amazon You'll Use On Repeat"
Number 28 on the list is the Clipa bag hanger

Fupping Dauntless Jaunter April 22, 2019
"30+ Best Mother’s Day Gifts, Experiences & Ideas for the Traveling Mom"
Number 4 on the list is our Clipa bag hanger

Fupping Fupping April 15, 2019
"11 Gadgets To Carry With You When Traveling"
Clipa bag hanger is #10 on this great list

BuzzfeedBuzzfeed April 7, 2019
"38 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford"
Clipa bag hanger is #11 on this really cool list of products

The inventory The Inventory January 3, 2019 - Kinja Deals
"Hang Any Bag Off Any Table With a Deal on the Clipa2"
Shep McAllister Covers a Valentines Day promo deal (expired) on Clipa at Amazon

The inventory The Inventory December 14, 2018 - Best Clothing and Lifestyle Deals
"The Clipa2 Bag Hanger Is One of My Favorite Impulse Buys Ever"
Elizabeth Zimmerman writes and show why she likes the Clipa Instant Bag Hanger

hip2save Blog Jan 2, 2019

"This Functional Little Ring Takes a Load Off My Shoulders"
"Clipa2 Bag Hanger **Cool Accessory for ANY Purse**"
2018 Gift Guide, Amazon, Online Deals


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"These $15 Bag Hooks Will Keep Your Pricey Purses From Ever Touching The Floor"

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Mother's Day gift guide for lovers of food, beauty and fun

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I Am the Person Who Brings This $16 Bag Clip with Me to Restaurants

Fox 5 San DiegoFox 5 San Diego Television: Fall 2014 Style Fixes and Tricks

Merilee Kern from The Luxe List explains how Clipa protects handbags by keeping them off the ground. Featured the end of this 5 minute segment, the under $15 “Traveler” Clipas and $39.99 Crystal Clipas are shown. (Oct 16, 2014) » DallasClipa purse holder: Review and Valentine's Day promotion at

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Fort Worth Pop Culture Examiner Ginae B. McDonald reviews the Maya Hematite Clipa and the “No Chip” Clip for Keys. (Feb 5, 2014) »

Marmalade UKHow Clipa was Created: The Story in Marmalade's January 2014 Issue

Ever wondered how Clipa came to be? The story can be found in the January 2014 issue of Marmalade, Orange County's magazine “devoted to moms, dads and all things kid.” The article provides information about designing, developing and manufacturing this simple yet useful accessory. »

Nationalist MagazineClipa Makes Nationalist Magazine's 2013 Ultimate Gift Guide

The December issue of Nationalist Magazine (US Weekly called their cover featuring Brandi Cyrus “stunning”) featured Clipa in their 2013 Ultimate Gift Guide, saying: “beautiful, useful and fun to use, this 2–in–1 accessory holds an impressive 45 pounds and will last for 10 years of daily use.” »

KIIS FM RadioRyan Seacrest KIIS FM's Pick Your Purse Party and Clipa

The Pick Your Purse Party was held Thursday, November 15th and once again Clipa was a sponsor. Hosted by On Air Ellen K, Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi and Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, the event featured a performance by Mark Ballas. Winners received designer handbags and bejeweled Swarovski Clipas from the Crystal Clipa Collection. The event was held at The House of Rock. »

America NowAmerica Now TV Show

Watch Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic talk about Clipa in the segment "The Clipa - Does it Work?" »

SAn Diego 6 TVSan Diego 6 Television - Spring Break Travel

Budget Friendly Gallivanting Gear. Traveling for spring break or the summer? Merilee Kern from the Luxe List has some new products that will help make your trip a whole lot easier. »

Jan 2012 Issue Casa Brutus - Japan

Vol. 142 Casa Brutus features no less than 235 irreplaceable tools. Incorporating classic Casa Brutus themes in a singe great issue, this month those cherished, well-designed tools that have a special place in our home are given their own special feature. A retrospective of the best from Design Week in Tokyo 2011 and regular and new architecture, art and design features round out this packed first issue of 2012. Nigo, a popular designer is featured along with his favorite bag hanger - Clipa. »

Snopes.comBagteria reports on bacteria on purses and finds that its true. Good write up. »

Better TVPamela Pekerman - Bag and Style Expert on Better TV Founder, HSN Bag Guru, AOL bag expert and TJ Maxx spokesperson Pamela Pekerman on Better TV about “Spring Cleaning for Handbags”. She led off saying that “handbags are our investment and you first and foremost absolutely want to keep them clean and free of germs”. Purse hangers are one of her favorite things and she showed a Clipa in action and concluded with “it doubles as a fabulous little bracelet” and “you definitely want to do a Clipa”. Pamela also talked about cleaning and saving expensive bags, keeping them organized with organizers and storage aids. »

Dallas MagazineD Magazine Shop Talk

Dallas Magazine likes Clipa purse hangers: Look What We Found: Clipa Handbag Hooks. “I now and forever will keep them in or on my handbag and I’m sure they will come in handy frequently. They come in a variety of colors/finishes.” »

Apparel NewsApparel News - The Hook and I

Where Fashion Gets Down to Business. Clipa purse hanger is reviewed. "The Clipa could solve my rummage problem. Made by Irvine, Calif.–based Topcor, the patent–pending Clipa is pretty cute as a bangle bracelet. But it’s super cute clipped to the handle of a purse—and comes in several gold and silver finishes." (Jan 25, 2010)

Houston Style MagazineHouston Style Magazine

Houston, Texas press takes a look at our purse hanger “Clipa” – Putting The Brace In Bracelet While Keeping Your Purse In Place. »

ABC NewsPamela Pekerman and Clipa Purse Hook on ABC News

Look Great with Top Fashion Accessories. ABC News Meg Oliver has Pamela Pekerman showing must have fashion accessories. Pamela shows the new Crystal Clipa purse hanger. »

Better TVClipa Purse Hanger and Pamela Pekerman on Better TV

With Earth Day around the corner, Better TV did an eco friendly story today that included the Clipa instant handbag hanger. Clipa is made in the U.S., reducing the carbon footprint. A Clipa purse hanger also does a great job of keeping handbags–especially linen bags–off the ground and away from dirt, as bag expert Pamela Pekerman explains: »

WGN Puts Clipa Purse Hanger to the Mommy Test 3/25/10

Val and Anna show how Clipa is a great item to use with your bags both as a purse hanger and a bracelet. »

KATU TVClipa Purse Hanger on Oregon TV-KATU AM Northwest 3/15/10

Watch Anne McAlpin, author of Pack It Up, just got back from the International Luggage Show with some new travel accessories that make travel easier. Plus, if you want to save valuable travel dollars, she showed us how what you have around the house can be used for free to make traveling easier! Anne shows the "grab and go" action of Clipa purse hanger but just calls it a new purse hook. »

My Fox DallasMy Fox Dallas/Fort Worth 1/19/10

Watch Save Me Steve: Get Organized in 2010. Ready to get organized this year? Steve Noviello has all the cool accessories to help you stay neat! Steve demonstrates Clipa as a Purse Hanger "that works". »

Good Morning Arizona TVGood Morning Arizona 12-21-09

The Clipa purse hanger is featured in the Watercooler segment. »

Clipa Instant Handbag Hanger Purse Hook

Watch Our "how it works" video showing many ways and places to use a Clipa purse hanger. See how you can just "grab and go!" with our Instant Handbag Hanger. »

Clipa Purse Hanger on Fox Business News 11-11-09

Mike Sweeney talks about Topcor and the Clipa purse hanger on the Happy Hour news segment. Featured in "So you think you are an Entrepreneur". »

ABC NewsYour Purse Could Be Making You Sick

Women rarely go anywhere without a purse, which means that if a woman enters a place full of germs, so does her bag. That could mean she ends up carrying around microbes that could make her sick all day long. Microbiologist Chuck Gerba researches where organisms that make us sick lurk and lately he says he has found... »