Watch the videos above to learn more about Clipa bag hangers

To use::

  • Open and place Clipa on the bag strap
  • To use, place one end on table edge or other surface
  • When finished, simply pull the strap and let Clipa fall back onto the bag

Hangs Items 1-33 lbs:

  • Handbags and backpacks
  • Business and gym bags
  • Diaper and shopping bags
  • Camera bags, umbrellas and more
  • Bags under 1 lb are too light to fully open the Clipa¬†
    • This is only an issue on horizontal surfaces where the pad needs to provide contact and grip
    • Will still work well on ledges, rails and openings

  • bag weights on a table

Works On Most:

  • Tabletops and chairs
  • Counters and sinks
  • Cubicles and stall walls
  • Casino gaming tables
  • Vertical and horizontal rails
  • Shopping and luggage carts
  • Fences and car headrests
  • Strollers

Ideal For:

  • Bathrooms
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Outdoor cafes
  • Cubicle walls and meetings
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and theaters
  • Salons and spas
  • Airplanes and cruise ships
  • Casinos and poolside
  • Strollers and shopping carts


  • Clipa Table Purse Hanger
  • Clipa goes on your bags strap
  • Clipa headrest

  • Clipa purse hook on rails at a Hockey Rink
  • Clipa bracelet bag hanger
  • Clipa purse hook on shopping cart

  •  Clipa purse hanger clip works great on chain link fences to hang your tennis bag
  • Use Clipa to hang your backpack
  • Use Clipa to hang your purse at the blackjack table in the casino
  • Clipa bag hanger at the nail salon
  • Clipa purse hook allows you to hang your purse from the edge of a sink
  • purse hanging from stadium chair using the Clipa