Most bag hangers are based on a 1940s design. This old–fashioned “L” shape was intended for small purses used 6 decades ago, not today's heavy bags and backpacks. And because they go in the purse, these hooks must be found before they can be used. Even then, most don't work on restroom stall walls and doors–– the very place a hanger is often needed.

In 2006, Mike began working on a new design. His background in engineering and manufacturing helped ensure that this product would work where many others couldn't. Drawings and prototypes were followed by months of testing. Mike wanted to be sure it would stand up to daily use, hold lots of weight and never tarnish. Our family and friends tried it in restaurants and at ballgames. Travelers liked its instant operation, sleek design and versatility. In focus groups, women loved its understated elegance and “double life” as a bracelet. Clipa simply opens into a hook then closes back into a ring. For its launch in 2009, we called it Clipa.

In September 2015, we introduced Clipa2, the best hanger we've ever offered. 25% lighter, this slimmer model opens wider yet uses just a ½” of space. It holds 33 lbs and has been tested to last for 10 years. Designed in California and made in China through our exclusive partner, Clipa is patented in the U.S. and internationally. We are proud to back every one with a manufacturer's warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy!  – Trish and Mike Sweeney