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Clipa2 Matte Silver Bag Hanger
Matte Silver Clipa

Clipa2 Matte Silver Bag Hanger

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Sleek, contemporary design. Never needs polishing. Slim profile uses in just a ½” of space so it will work in more places. Specially angled arms and non-slip pads securely hang your bag.
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  • Light (1.6 oz), slim purse hanger
  • Innovative design: closes automatically
  • Leave on bag or wrist for quick access
  • Versatile: works in dozens of places
  • Hangs purses and backpacks up to 33 lbs.
  • Non-slip cushion tips for great holding action
  • Gift boxed with a user guide
  • Designed in California, made in China

Color and Finish: Matte Silver
Material: High strength alloy
Diameter, outside: 2.8"
Diameter, inside: 2.2"
Opens to: 2.8"
Weight: 1.6 oz

Whether you’re going across town or around the globe, the Clipa purse hanger keeps your purse or business bag off the ground and protected. Water, germs and dirt can shorten the life of your bag. Leave this round purse hook on your bag strap for fast use anywhere. Access your bag when you want to. When you’re finished, pull the strap and Clipa slides back onto the purse. An audible click can be heard as the two ends come back together into a ring. Ideal for travel: restaurant tables, bathroom stall walls, vertical rails (airplane lavatories), horizontal rails (ships, carts, strollers) even fences. Great for casino gaming tables and slot machines. Hang restaurant carry out or groceries from the post on your car's passenger-seat headrest. If you stop suddenly or go down a hill, your bags will stay in place. For single or double strap bags. Stores right on the purse strap, the bag’s D- or O-ring hardware, or wear it as a bracelet. No polishing ever required. Lasts for 10 years and backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not thrilled, simply send it back within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or replacement. Think of all the people you shop for during the year and add to cart for yourself and those on your list.

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