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Clipa: What People Are Saying

  • I LOVE the new, lighter design! No other purse hanger stays put, works in more places or holds heavy bags like a Clipa does. Sue Kochanny - Costa Mesa, CA
  • I love it! It's a beautiful bracelet and very functional as a bag hanger. What a great product! Teresa McGrath - Bel Aire, KS
  • My Clipa is the perfect accessory for my purse. I never have to put my purse on the floor again!
    I also love to use it when I get my hair cut.
    Lynn Cooper - Laguna Niguel, CA
  • I love using the Clipa at work; my purse hangs on the edge of my desk perfectly. Using it while marketing is very convenient, too; no more juggling my shoulder bag while shopping. Susan Davis - Hermosa Beach, CA
  • Going out and not having to sit at dinner with my purse in my lap or on the ground has been great.
    I also use it at sports events.
    K. Ward - Chicago, IL
  • I clip mine to my car headrest. Keeps my purse upright and everything inside (rather than all over my car floor). Karla Wilkinson - Gilroy, CA
  • Clipa has been so helpful! I never like my purse on the floor. I use mine in restrooms, on airplanes and in restaurants. Sheila Jacobs - Laguna Beach, CA
  • I've used Clipa at several restaurants and also at the theater for a play. I attached my handbag to the bar in front of me and it worked perfectly! Lindsey Ellison - New York, NY
  • Works great and stays put. Useful when traveling, in airports, restrooms and restaurants.
    I honestly love the look of it. Very modern and chic!
    Nelleke Masterson - Anaheim, CA
  • I recently used my Clipa onboard a boat. I hooked my purse to a pole on deck and it stayed there
    the whole trip. I love your product!
    Danni Nichols – Martha's Vineyard, Tisbury, MA
  • I travel for work and use Clipa all the time. The design is brilliant. It opens in seconds, my bag never touches germy surfaces then it slides back on when I'm done! TJ Russo - Wayne, NJ
  • I have an expensive handbag and Clipa has been great at protecting it from dirty floors,
    especially at the movie theater.
    Clarissa Marrs - El Centro, CA
  • I have two Clipas for myself and have purchased them for friends and family members. Not only are they durable but also attractive. Christine Thum Schlesser - West Linn, OR
  • It works really well. If you've ever been disappointed with poorly designed, flimsy hooks, give Clipa a try. Dawn Ferris - Minneapolis, MN
  • Clipa is wonderful at restaurants. Some tabletops are different widths but Clipa has worked on all of them so far. I also use it at work. Reina Miller - Huntington Beach, CA
  • It's so nice to not put my expensive purse on the ground when eating at cafes and restaurants.
    I recommend Clipa all the time.
    Lisa Finley Rodgers - Santa Fe, NM
  • Clipa keeps my giant purse off the floor. I use it on bars, countertops and tables. I love the simplicity. Everyone says, 'wow, that is so cool!' when I use it. Lauren Cook - Laguna Beach, CA
  • I immediately put it on my purse & am delighted with the way it works flawlessly each time. Anne Cowley Herzog - Huntington Beach, CA
  • I love this clip- It's easy to reach and it protects my purse... Thank you Clipa for this great invention! Geri Miles - Seattle, WA
  • The Clipa is simple to use yet surprisingly strong. Now I always have a way to hang my briefcase or backpack. Very cool! Ken H. - Irvine, CA
  • I already have one of your "Clipas" and believe me when I say it is the only purse hook that really holds my purse in place. I'm ordering a few more for gifts. Thanks for a great product. JoAnn N. - Lynn Haven, FL
  • I love my Clipa and use it often. We travel by car a lot and it comes in handy when the rest stops don't have hooks in the restrooms. I have even used the Clipa to attach my purse to my belt loop when I was sitting in bleachers and afraid my purse would fall through the cracks! LOL. Thanks for a GREAT product! Kathy Kaczynski - Muskego, WI
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